Saturday, 20 August 2016

risk analytics table

Table update time

Futur Risk analysis table

Margin:  Goal margin -goal difference

Power>100 : Less volatility in futur results, increase in goal_margin exptected
Power<100 : More volatility in futur results, decrease in goal_margin expected

Cycle: Margin up or margin down cycle

TEAM Margin Power Short term prediction Cycle Cycle changed @
Alanya              0,69              99,70    Medium hard to keep margin moderate 07.2016
Beşiktaş              1,17              99,99    Slightly hard to keep margin down 04.2016
Bursaspor              0,62           100,07    Slightly easy to keep margin up 07.2016
Konyaspor              0,17           100,05    Slightly easy to keep margin moderate 07.2016

This is summary table predicting futur risk of team based on players data.

I developed models and verified with past data.

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